Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Whole New Me...

I can't explain how I feel. It's calm, anxious, excited. Maybe that qualifies me as crazy...I'm okay with that.

January 9th I found myself moving to Salt Lake City, Utah

and since then it's been a jouney. Only one month has passed and I'm finding a whole new me. I want different things for myself and I find the good Lord close and His tender mercies pooring out upon me. Yet I find opposition on all sides and the advisary doesn't seem to let up. And finding peace within seems so far away. I don't think I've been this confused since my mission. With a roller coster of emotions prozac seems to be an anwser lol. Yet I know that this move was the best thing for me; as was the mission.

I have found good people here they are so wonderful and full of life. And I'm glad that good friends are only a phone call away. Blessed with friends and family and the word or God...what more could I ask for. Life is interesting and I wonder what the Lord has in mind for me sometimes.