Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ms. Autumn & Me

My niece Autumn and all my sisters came out this summer. All my sisters and their families came out to Cali. this summer. It was the first time in eight years that all my sisters and parents were under one roof. It was fabulous! We had a great time all together.
It was the first time I realized how different we all are, but how much love was under one roof and in one family.
My sisters are wonderful, smart, beautiful, supportive, amazing women. And their kids are that and more. Here's to family! =)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Better You

So who is it that brings out the best in you? Who is it that makes you a better person...and why? There are friends and family that bring the very best out in me. They make me want to be a better person and become something I never thought I could be. Their character and love and joys are my examples eachday. So who makes you this happy? Who in your is making you a better you?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mornings & Fruit

I took this from my back yard last week early in the morning. I love the mornings. I wish I could do everything before noon. Why are the mornings so much more productive than doing things in the evenings? If I do my laundry, go to the gym, read my scriptures and get ready for the day it's only 8pm. I'm so much more ready for what the day brings. But if I try doing these things in the evenings I only feel tired and worn out from doing it all. Doesn't make much since...does it?
Random thought, but this made me think...why are certain fruits in season at certain times? Are we only supose to eat the ones that are in season while they're in season? Now a days I can get strawberry and oranges year around...but are we supose to? Maybe our bodies are supose to have certain fruits and veggies only at certain times to sustain us through the seasons. Not sure but I'm taking it into consideration. Peaches are the best fruit but only while in season; otherwise they're all mushy. I hate bitting into a mushy peach.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Sista & Me

There's nothing better than a sister. She'll laugh with you and at you, she'll take time to listen and understand. She cares about every aspect of your life, even if she is consumed in her day to day life. She loves you no matter your faults and is always there to support you in your crazy antics and is sometimes the leader of those antics! That's what makes sisters so much fun. You can get in all the trouble you want together and at the end of the day its just you and her laughing, talking, and reminiscing. I've got three sister so it's a triple threat, and even more love!